Terms and conditions for collection of One Cost Rewards points:

Collection of One Cost Rewards points is available to selected One Cost customers. Points are earned on agreed products purchased from selected suppliers.

It is your responsibility that the information given to One Cost is correct and that the person creating a One Cost Rewards customer account is either the legal owner of the customer business or is a duly authorised signatory of the customer business. One Cost accepts no responsibility or liability for any incorrect information supplied.

You agree One Cost has permission to contact you by telephone, mobile phone and/or email address.

One Cost reserves the right to withdraw One Cost Rewards points or to amend these terms and conditions at any point and without notice.

One Cost gives notice that all points accrued are subject a three-month clearing period prior to being available to spend.

Any One Cost customer account which does not trade for a period of three months across all applicable suppliers will be subject to forfeiting any points value previously accrued.

In the instance of any dispute regarding payment to suppliers, One Cost reserves the right to suspend the One Cost Rewards account until such dispute is resolved.

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Casa Italia

Arran Bordi

Casa Italia

One Cost is a no brainier for businesses, it’s lowering and keeping track of your spending while actively accruing points through normal trading that you can spend new equipment. Love it.